Whuff (FlipSides)
Hawke's Loyal Mabari
Status Alive
Race Mabari
Age 4
Birth Date {{{birthdate}}}
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Undecided
Hometown Ferelden
Residence Kirkwall
Affiliation Hawke Family
Occupation Guard Dog and Giant Pillow
Class Mabari Warhound
Specialization N/A
Gear Black Torque
Behind the Mask
Player Flip Sides
Face Claim N/A
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To the eyes of the untrained Whuff appears to be nothing more than the average white mabari. However to those who appreciate the breed will notice her differences. For one her coat isn't nearly as sleek and soft as the typical mabari, partially due to growing up in non-dog coat friendly enviroment. Another is her blue eyes, though common to mabari born with white coats, it is still viewed as an odd trait. Once in a while she might sport a bit of kaddis if the Hawke family is feeling up to it but generally prefers to avoid the whole smelly lot of gunk.


Whuff's short life all began back at a small farm in Lothering where she was one of six puppies born to her supposedly prize winning mother. Her life was very typical of a mabari pup; the first few weeks she spent suckling on her exasperated mother and wrestling with her siblings. She didn't know at the time all this chase and play was really the beginning of her training to become the most dreaded thing on four legs Ferelden had ever seen. Well it would have ended up that way if she hadn't of locked eyes with, in her opinion, a scamp of a young man.

Unfortunately no one can control who a Mabari imprints on, and imprint she did. This would be how the Hawke family would end up with it's own slobbering mass of muscle and eternal love. Whuff, as eldest Hawke child would name her, spent many a day chastising the, again in her opinion, whinest of the Hawke brood - Carver, for bullying his sister. She was quite fond of the mini Hawkette, also known as Bethany, she'd always sneak her a little extra bite of food. Whuff did however wonder why sometimes this food was green and tasted rather off. Eventually she did learn the names of her owners: Leandra (The Big Mother), Garrett (Her favorite One), Bethany (The Giver of Green Food), and Carver (The Whiny One). Whuff knew deep down, as it is part of the mabari code of honor, that she would do everything to protect her family. Even the whiny one.

When the family fled Lothering, Whuff was proud to be at their side and did her best to punish those foul smelling monsters for terrorizing her people. She would even join them on the voyage to Kirkwall and stay with them at Gamlen's little shanty house. Not that she liked staying there, but if that's where Garrett wanted them to be, by golly she would stay there at his side.