Status Alive
Race Human
Age 18
Birth Date {{{birthdate}}}
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Undecided
Hometown Frostback Mountains, Unclaimed Territory
Residence Starkhaven's Circle of Magi
Affiliation Has loyalty to only one person (will be explained in a moment)
Occupation Circle Mage
Class Mage
Specialization None
Gear A white robe/dress with gold accents, gold jewelry, gold flats, twisted ebony staff with a large sapphire orb at the upper part
Behind the Mask
Player Lehvee
Face Claim N/A
Profile Link Here


She is ridiculously thin (as she often forgets to eat) and stands at 5'2". Her skin is very pale (as is expected of a mountain woman), her hair is long and white (usually pulled up in a golden headdress from her old clan), her eyes are light grey. She's very pretty, almost etherally so.


Vaina ('Vikoreea") is insane. Completely and utterly and unpredictably insane. She can be counted on one thing, and one thing only. She will find her.


Vaina Dresdon was born to a remote clan of mountain folk on the Frostback Mountains (coincidentally, the same one Scoot originates from). She loved her carefree, beautiful existence, especially thanks to her very best friend, Vikoreea. They got into all sorts of shenanigans together, laughing and playing and wasting the days away with mindless gathering and work.

One day, while Vikoreea struggled to light a fire for camp, the elder began to hit the girl. Enraged, Vaina lit the fire for her friend. With her mind.

The elder caught fire too, but the girls managed to throw a few buckets of water on her before any real damage could be done. However, Vaina's fate was sealed.

That night, she was ripped from her bed. Vikoreea rushed out of hers as well, eyes tearful as she realized her best friend was leaving. While the adults argued, the girls shared one last moment. Vikoreea removed her prized possession, a necklace that she recieved from her deceased father's will, and gave it to her friend.

"No matter where you go. No matter what you do. I will always be there for you, if not in person, than in spirit." Were the last words Vaina heard from Vikoreea. Then she was dragged away, thrown onto a ship, and sent to Starkhaven, for the elder wanted the mage as far away as possible, in hopes to never see her again.

In the hold of the ship, Vaina memorized the necklace. It was a simple disc of wood with one word carved into it: 'Vikoreea'. As her sanity began to dissolve, she began to see her friend, sitting there with her. Helping her through the pain.

Vikoreea was always there, and eventually, Vaina lost all sense of self. She was now Vikoreea (in her mind). But she knew there was another Vikoreea out there. Her plan was to find this Vikoreea, and let the two halves become a whole.

(plans for the future: When Starkhaven burns, she'll be recovered before being able to escape with the other mages and immediately sent to the Gallows. She'll continue her desent into madness there)