Ulric / Prey-Pacer
Status Alive
Race Human (Born Werewolf)
Age Unknown, he thinks he's about 30.
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Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Brecillian Forest
Residence If given the chance, he sleeps outside. Occasionally a room in the Hanged Man
Affiliation None
Occupation Jack of all trades but master of none.
Class Warrior
Specialization Beserker
Gear Rough leather armor, clothing, animal traps, a used double handed sword, and anything he might scavenge.
Behind the Mask
Player Whuffie
Face Claim
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Ulric is surprisingly clean although he's very shaggy. His hair and beard tend to be untrimmed and occasionally tangled, making him look a little strange. Added to that are feral gold eyes which are no different from a wolf's and he can be unsettling to be around. Because of his weird behavior like trying to use his nose over his eyesight, people often mistake him for being mad.


Ulric is very intense in all that he does, be it to laugh, attack, love, or mourn. His emotions are close to the surface and very pure, so he can anger quickly then just as quickly forget what troubled him and laugh. He still thinks in terms of a "pack" and those who win his respect are prized, but those who win his loyalty are people whom he considers part of his "pack." For those chosen few, he would fight to the last breath and spill his final drop of blood. He's very protective of children (or "cubs") who cannot defend themselves, and has limitless patience for them. Nothing could make him strike or hurt even a human "cub."

Because of his unusual thinking process, he can come across as ridiculously aggressive. These "challenges" are surprisingly easy to resolve and usually don't involve bloodshed. He respects those who either show strength or who submit to those greater in station as a pack would.


Ulric is unaware of exactly when he was born, but his parents were both born werewolves themselves, just as he was. Originally, their ancestors were bitten by Witherfang, but he's the product of those werewolves mating and producing offspring of their own. There were two cubs total in his family, and his sister was born two springs later. Once he grew up, he worked his way to the Beta position of his pack, second to Swiftrunner. In those days, he was known as Prey-Pacer, and he was content.

Eventually, he took a mate of his own and had a cub. His mate died of darkspawn taint from fighting the spawn in the forest. She bit one of them, and it infected her blood. That left Ulric with their only cub, and when he was out hunting one night, the Dalish killed the cub before he could lose his milk teeth. Ulric hunted the party down to the last elf and killed them in retribution.

When the Hero of Ferelden came to break the "Curse" Ulric fought Swiftrunner's decision, and he still has the scars from that encounter. Unable to defeat the pack Alpha, Zathrian was convinced to break the ancient curse of the werewolves.

Unfortunately, Ulric didn't see this as breaking anything, and thinks of himself as being very diminished. His goal in life is to be a werewolf again because he thinks that's what he's supposed to be.



He's the proverbial lone wolf looking for a pack to call his own.