"This experience will have a high challenge rating, big boy!"
Status Alive
Race Elf
Age but a number
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Gender  ???
Sexual Orientation Exceeds all boundaries
Hometown Unknown
Residence Kirkwall (Blooming Rose), Free Marches
Affiliation Blooming Rose
Occupation Prostitute
Class N/A
Specialization N/A
Gear N/A
Behind the Mask
Player BroD
Face Claim N/A
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Somewhere, between clouds of smoke and heavy perfume that failed to conceal the bitter ale and native musty-sweet, one would find the residents of the busiest brothel in the city. Several were winding their way through the crowd, an elf in a gauzy skirt lounged on table, a trio of too-handsome men lurked in the back, even a dwarf did not seem out of place. And, of course, Serendipity: an elf like no other, blowing a kiss to one of the patrons.

Tonight's look included the typical high-collared black dress, layered over a white skirt and bound with blue ribbon to suggest a hourglass shape. Short dark hair was tucked behind her ears, a few artful wisps left across the forehead, and always a bit thick with the makeup for a more feminine touch.

She posed by the stairs, winking at the regulars, one hand on her hip and the other trailing down the banister. A nervous templar recruit caught her eye, Back again? Lusine nodded and signalled, So the big boy wants the best, does he? She chuckled and sauntered to the Madam's side, teasingly running a finger across the recruit's armor as she passed. “Can't get enough?” He gulped, visibly reddening as the elf intertwined her arm with his- that stairwell just so far away...