Seheron, an island in the north, was conquered by the ancient Imperium and the architecture there dates back to its glory days. However, in recent years, much have it has been leveled. 60 years ago, the Qunari took Seheron. The Tevinter Imperium is the only nation not to sign the Llomerryn Accords, and they and the Qunari are in conflict over the island. Adding to this are the Tal'Vashoth, former Qunari who have left the Qun, who fight the Imperium and the Qunari both. Seheron once had a large amount of elven slaves, most of which now have converted to the Qun and hold office within the Qunari ranks, aiding them in driving out their old Imperial masters. Those humans in Seheron who have not converted to the Qun feel abandoned by the Imperium. To the Qunari, Seheron is still kabethari -- a land to be conquered and converted, literally translating as "those who need to be taught."

Characters from Seheron