"Dangerous Truth"
Status Alive
Race Kossith
Age 29
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Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Undecided
Hometown Par Vollen
Residence Wounded Coast
Affiliation Tal'Vashoth
Occupation Former Tamassran
Class Rogue
Specialization Novice Duelist
Gear Simple dark grey violet chest wrap, tight black leather breeches, knee high boots, linen wrapped around her hands and wrists, simple pair of sparring daggers.
Behind the Mask
Player Mai
Face Claim
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SaarTalan stands at the average height for a female Kossith, a bit paler than most of her race. She is lean and toned, her skin unblemished, horns kept long and adorned with silver cuffs. Each pointed ear sports a cap and a single silver ring. Her eyes are large, exotic and a violent dark shade of violet. Her white hair has a slight violet tinge to it in certain lighting, and hangs perfectly straight to just below her shoulderblades. The bangs that frame her face are uneven. Her face is lean, with sharp angles, a narrow chin, somewhat masculine jaw, and a long straight nose.


SaarTalan is quiet but not out of shyness. She is quiet because she doesn't wish to waste time speaking unless it is necessary. She no nonsense. She is blunt, to the point and honest.

SaarTalan revels in free will and freedom of choice, and will gladly tell anyone who asks about the "Dangerous Truth", that is Free Will.

She is true Chaotic Neutral- She follows her whims. She is an individualist first and last. She values her own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. She avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions.


Ever since the age of twelve, SaarTalan had been known simply as Tamassran, trained to chose the roles of others, locked in her own role. She began to question her role to herself- if she had the ability to choose for others, why could she not choose for herself?

With that in mind, she simply left. She shed her title of Tamassran, and that of Qunari, and walked away, thinking about choice, free will and what it meant to be a single person living for herself. She knew the Qun would label this newfound truth as a lie, as dangerous, and in that moment, she chose her own name- SaarTalan, or "Dangerous Truth."

With a name, and now considered a Tal'Vashoth, she joined a small group of her fellows and they found themselves in the Free Marches. She now is learning to be a rogue, to fight with daggers as a duelist, and is enjoying her new life