The Rivaini are considered a strange people by most nations in Thedas. They are olive-skinned or darker and often distinguish themselves further with tattoos and body piercings. The more elaborate these are, the higher one's social standing or rank. They do not follow the Chantry; instead, they are pantheists who believe in the Natural Order. Rivaini do have prohibitions on magic, but they revere their Seers -- local hedge witches who converse with spirits, even allowing themselves to be possessed, saying they are doing so for the benefit of their villages. During the wars, the Qunari conquered Rivain, and there are many tales of massacres and war crimes on both sides of Rivain's history. The Qunari forces were drawn back to the north when the peace treaty known as the Llomerryn Accords was negotiated. The Qunari have made their mark upon the Rivaini, who have acquired some of their cultural traits over the centuries. A version of the Qun has gained popularity in Rivain, and the city of Kont-aar -- a Qunari settlement in northern Rivain -- has co-existed peacefully with the rest of Rivain. Nowhere in Thedas is there a greater interaction between the two cultures. Some people call for Kont-aar to be retaken, but those who desire peace and trade with the Qunari see it as beneficial to Rivain. The Rivaini have a peaceful relationship with the elves.

"Balls" is a very common slur in Rivain.

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