Raleigh Bisette
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 38
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Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Hometown Jader, Orlais
Residence Kirkwall
Affiliation The Templar Order
Occupation Knight-Sentinel
Class Warrior
Specialization Templar
Gear Templar armor, standard-issue sword, small dagger (sidearm), and a templar shield.
Behind the Mask
Player Fanny
Face Claim None
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Tall, at around 6'2. He's broad of shoulder, but not really thick of build. Very much a ginger, with bright red hair and pale skin and the slightest hints of freckles. His eyes are blue-grey, and he constantly looks to be squinting.

There are some lines in his face from age and his years as a templar, but he's aged rather well. There are, however, obvious dark circles under his eyes.


Raleigh is a vain, prideful templar who is long past his glory days. Though he was a very promising recruit, he's become somewhat... touched... as he's grown older. He's forgetful, easily tricked and not very observant. However, he's every bit as suspicious as he is stupid. Eager to re-earn the confidence his superiors once had in him, he's constantly on the lookout for apostates.

Or anything even remotely resembling an apostate. Unfortunately, even when Raleigh finds an apostate, they usually manage to trick him.

Despite all this, Raleigh is lax toward mages within the Circle. Whether this is because he is lenient or merely so focused on apostates that he becomes unobservant remains to be seen.


Raleigh was born in the Orlais to a minor noble and a prostitute. Being the scandalous bastard child, he was shuffled off to the Chantry at the age of six. When his father moved to Kirkwall, he took Raleigh with him... only to drop the eleven-year-old boy off at the Chantry and never be seen again.

Once he began training as a templar, Raleigh showed great promise. He was quick, loyal, strong and fairly competent. Unfortunately it all went to his head, but that was to be expected of a young templar.

His years in the Kirkwall Circle were fairly routine, and most years passed without too much impact on Raleigh. However, Raleigh took to lyrium a little too well, and often had to indulge in extra doses smuggled into the Circle. The increased intake was not good for his health, and over the years Raleigh slowly became more and more airheaded.

He is now the easiest templar to escape from. Ever.