Elven lore holds that the first humans in Thedas came from the rainforests of Par Vollen many thousand years ago. Ironically, the island is now held by the Qunari. It was conquered in 6:30 Steel, and the Qunari went on to conquer much of Thedas, before signing the Llomerryn Accords with all nations but Tevinter. They consider Par Vollen their homeland, as contact with their original homeland ceased. It has been assimilated to the point that it is now a peaceful Qunari nation without resistance. Its primitive human inhabitants once built great pyramids in their jungle cities; the Qunari have topped this with the domes and aqueducts of Qunandar, Par Vollen's capital city. It is said that another people known as the Fex inhabit Par Vollen, though little is known about them. Few outsiders are ever permitted to visit the island.

Characters from Par Vollen