Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard
"If you cannot tell me another way, do not brand me a tyrant!"
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 35
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Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Hometown Kirkwall
Residence The Gallows
Affiliation Templars
Occupation Knight Commander
Class Warrior
Specialization Templar
Gear Armor of the Knight Commander
Behind the Mask
Player Maidievh
Face Claim
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Meredith is a powerful woman, in position, power and presence. She carries all five foot eleven of herself confidently. She is of average build, her muscles toned from keeping herself fit with training and constant fitness regimens.

Her blue eyes are sharp and never miss a detail, fine lines around them, a result of the stress and pressure that comes with the position of Knight Commander. A slight crease between her brows and fine lines around her mouth also lend to her age as well as the weight of the title of Knight Commander. Her pale blonde hair is kept meticulously groomed, falling in slight waves to her shoulders.


Meredith considers herself devout, righteous and faithful, while others would call her a zealot. She is harsh and quick to assume the worst, as it is her belief that if she shows an ounce of leniency, the worst will happen. She would rather Annul an entire Tower rather than let a single blood mage go free.

Inside, Meredith bears guilt for what happened to her sister, and to the people that died at Amelia's hands. Every mage that comes to the Circle and is put under her watch is another mage saved from the fate of being possessed.

Meredith is stubborn and brave- a bad combination, when paired with her confidence that has grown into a cocky arrogance from her position in the Templars, as well as her standing with the politics of Kirkwall and the Chantry. She is also ruthless and relentless once a goal has been set in her mind, and to that end she can be likened to a mabari in that once her target is in her jaws, she will not let go.


A native of Kirkwall, Meredith has anything but an easy life. When Meredith was younger, her sister developed magical talents but her family decided to shield her from the Chantry. One day, Meredith's sister was possessed by a demon, turned into an abomination and killed the rest of her family save for Meredith, who survived. The Templars eventually slew her sister, but not before the Abomination killed 70 villagers. This experience led to Meredith's harsh view on magic and why mages must be treated as people with a curse.

Meredith rose in the ranks of the Templar Order and became an accomplished warrior. In 9:21, when Viscount Perrin Threnhold attempted to oust the domineering Templars from the city, Meredith retaliated after the hanging of Knight-Commander Guylian, ending with the arrest of Viscount. Grand Cleric Elthina then promoted her to lead the Order and she has governed with an iron fist, though few doubt that her influence is reserved to the Templars as it was at her behest that the currentViscount was appointed.




1: Referenced from Meredith