Status Alive
Race Human
Age 24
Birth Date 4 Firstfall
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Starkhaven
Residence High Town, Kirkwall
Affiliation The Mage Underground
Occupation Escort for the escaping mages.
Class Warrior
Specialization None
Gear Heavy armor, an axe, and a sword.
Behind the Mask
Player Maximillian
Face Claim None
Profile Link [1]


Maximillian has a very slender build. So much so, that people have questioned how he could be a warrior and carry all that heavy equipment. He has a very pale complexion, despite getting out a lot. His eyes are a very pretty blue; the only problem with them is that his left eye is lazy and is almost closed when he gets tired. He keeps his hair in an untidy mess, because it's curly and you can't do anything with curly hair.


Maximillian is a jokester, although "ass" is what his neighbors call him. He is a very sarcastic man and he can't help it. He's not looking for love or friendship while in Kirkwall, but if it finds him, he's cool with it. All he wants is freedom for everyone. He doesn't care about people's feelings unless that person is close to him. He hates a variety of things from insects to Mage hate.


Maximillian was born into a minor noble family from Starkhaven. He was privileged as the only child of his family, but his life was not without it's hardships. At 15, his father died (and he still doesn't know how, because nobody will tell him). At 20, his mother died after getting really sick. These events broke his faith in the Maker.

He traveled to Kirkwall and saw the stupidity of the templars there. They were also really cruel to the mages. He decided to help the mages and started to work with the Mage Underground. He didn't help them get them through the caves that had a spider infestation, however.

He lived in his family's old mansion in Kirkwall, much to the annoyance of his Andrastian neighbors.

He felt that there was nothing to help the mages in Kirkwall with, so he returned to Starkhaven. He will return.