Maidievh Sanguinis
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 26
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Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (preference for men)
Hometown Solas
Residence Kirkwall
Affiliation Apostate
Occupation Bar Singer/ Tavern Wench
Class Mage
Specialization Spirit Healer
Gear Simple red and gold tunic, black vest worn over it, and beige breeches, usually worn with a corset and thigh high boots underneath. Simple staff that is easy to disassemble.
Behind the Mask
Player Maidievh
Face Claim Natalia Avelon
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Maidievh stands at five foot ten, with wavy dark umber brown hair that hangs just to the bottom of her shoulderblades, and large sharp aqua eyes, hooded by low set brows. She has a proud, slightly crooked aquiline nose, a high forehead and a stubborn jaw with a slight overbite.

Mai is not a well endowed woman, but has a set of "Child-birthing hips" with a tapered waist, and lean limbs. Her stride is confident, but never arrogant. A scar rakes down her left side from the top of her ribcage down to her knee, the result of a burn. On her back are two tattoos- a pair of small dragon wings, and her name in Tevinter runes on her lower back between her hips- the branding from her magister mentor.


Mai is sarcastic, snarky, sardonic, has a dry sense of humor- etc. She is devoted to a point of being almost obsessive, is defensive and protective of those she loves, being clingy to a fault. She has no sense of what is considered "Too much information" Has moments where she seems incredibly immature for her age, only to counter them with moments of horribly accurate insight. Has a fiery temper, but is good at controlling it until pushed too far.


Maidievh was born in Solas, on the Silent Plains of Tevinter. She showed promise as a mage at an early age- with disastrous signs; her first spell was fire cast in a moment of panic and it nearly consumed her. Her mother took her to Perivantium, seeking a Magister to teach her. Mai never saw her mother after she was handed to her mentor, a man named Felandis, who taught her with cruel precise efficiency.

During her tutelage with him, he acquired an elven slave named Ahnrin, and Mai couldn't bring herself to be cruel to him as her mentor was, choosing to spend her free time covertly talking and reading to him- in return, he taught her to train her voice and sing, something she only did around him. The two became close friends, and Mai found herself actually becoming fond of him- she was falling in love with him.

When a competing magister threatened to take Mai from Felandis, he used Ahnrin as a blood sacrifice to increase his power, an act that sent Mai into a frenzy, and she turned on her mentor. He nearly killed her defending himself, and grievously wounded, Mai fled into the wilds of the Hundred Pillars. She knew she could never work for another magister again without being found and killed for attacking her mentor, so she made her way to the Free Marches, losing herself in the seething mindless crowds of Kirkwall.

She now works at various taverns, preferring to work at the Hanged Man, occasionally singing for tips if she misses Ahnrin.