Kraas Andellmere
"Laughing Mad"
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 32
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Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Kirkwall
Residence Gallows, Kirkwall
Affiliation Circle of Magi
Occupation Enchanter
Class Mage
Specialization Force Mage
Gear Enchanter's staff, custom robes
Behind the Mask
Player Dragonis
Face Claim N/A
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Kraas is an interesting man, standing neither too tall nor too short, with short, slightly spiked up silver hair that emerged too soon despite his age. He has a strange, unearthly glow in his green eyes, that glint with mischief. An easy smile comes to his face and he tends to laugh a lot when he isn't rhyming just about every sentence that comes out of his mouth. He wears dark blue robes with white feathers decorating the hips and sleeve cuffs.


As mentioned above, Kraas is a mischievous man with a penchant for rhyming constantly. His pursuit of the ultimate spell has been viewed by some of his fellow Enchanters as borderline insane and obsessive. He certainly fits the insane bill with his bouts of giggling and cackling. Something about the abuse the Templars garnered him during his life had caused his mind to become unstable and thus, his temperament. Still, so indoctrinated in Chantry ideals he is, that the Templars do not fear him becoming a maleficar.


Kevin Andellmere III was born in the Circle like his father before him. He was raised under the doctrine of the Chantry and the scrutiny of the Templars. Growing up with such things had caused Kevin to develop a bit of a rebellious side, which eventually brought out his mischievous nature in how he loved to throw his voice around the Circle, taunting the Templars with his obnoxious rhyming. Eventually the day of his Harrowing came and he passed it, but came out slightly unhinged. He defeated the demon inside the Fade but at the cost of much of his sanity. His rebellious nature disappeared and instead, he just started growing a hatred of Maleficars that rivaled that of the Templars'.

Feeling that blood magic was the path of weakness, and adopting the monicker Kraas, he began delving into researching the 'ultimate spell' that would be a means of ridding the Fade of demons, and thus, blood magic. This became an obsession later seen by his apprentices after he attained the rank of Enchanter. The man was mad but brilliant, discovering many breakthroughs in the field of Kirkwall's specialty magics; Force magics.