The kossith stand about a head taller than a human, and are built thicker, with broader torsos. Their skin has been described as bronze, white, gray, and copper. Their eyes are a range of odd colours -- such as violet, red, or golden. They have small pointed ears and stark-white hair. They live as long as a normal human, but can go without food for a few weeks. Most of them have horns. Among the Qunari, those who do not are not considered freaks. On the contrary: they are special, and are assigned roles of great importance. The Rivaini state that they have a certain kindness to them, a conspicuous lack of cruelty.

Most Kossith fit into two categories: Qunari or Tal'Vashoth. Qunari are the people of the Qun, and Tal'Vashoth are those who have left the Qun. This does not apply to just Kossith, but anyone who follows the Qun -- and in the case of the Tal'Vashoth, anyone who has followed it but has left it. A kossith who has never known the Qun is a foreigner, and a kabethari -- a person yet to learn the Qun.

The QunariEdit

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