Jonah Havoc
Status Alive
Race Elf
Age 23
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Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Ferelden
Residence Darktown, Kirkwall
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Occupation Apostate
Class Mage
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Gear Tattered black cloak, covering steel plate; basic longsword
Behind the Mask
Player Torinean
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A young elven man, with hair as white as snow, and eyes as solid ivory, that emit a strange blueish essence. Scars and ceremonial tattooing cover his face, and all other exposed skin. Standing at average elven height and weight, he is lithe and agile looking. When he speaks, it sounds as if two people are speaking at once, a smaller elven voice, and a deep, pride-filled voice.


Forced into the circle at birth, Jonah was given a human name. It wasn't until he began causing trouble for the Templars, that they deemed him "Jonah Havoc". After years of being cooped up, his harrowing finally arrived. Defeating the test they had created for him, he was moved up to the Magi's floor, and apprenticed by he Keeper of Lore. Jonah immediately jumped into his duties to the Keeper of Lore. After a few months, he began finding books with references to 'Arcane Warriors', who were ancient Elven warrior mages. For many more months, he became lost in his pursuit of the secrets to these mages, but it never paid off. Then, the blight came and mages were needed to help defend the lands. Volunteering, they reluctantly sent him to aid. After the betrayal, he barely escaped the horde, but never went back to the circle. Set on discovering the secrets of the 'Arcane Warriors', he began searching but was forced north to Kirkwall to escape the blight. Once there, the Templars had his phylactery, so he fled to Darktown hoping to escape them, which is where he now resides...