Status Alive
Race Human
Age 22
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Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual, if she would stop being asexual
Hometown Kirkwall, Free Marches
Residence The Gallows, Kirkwall
Affiliation The Templar Order
Occupation Templar -- guarding mages, hunting apostates
Class Warrior
Specialization Templar
Gear Typical Kirkwall templar armor, basic long sword, and a shield with the same templar crest and style on it
Behind the Mask
Player Janele/Gabrielle
Face Claim N/A
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Janele stands at around 5’5, though can seem taller since she always stands perfectly straight. She’s well toned from constant training with a sword, but is still rather thin. She will never be seen outside of the barracks in anything but her templar armor, so her build will not be very apparent. She has light brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair, which she cuts herself with her sword, leaving the ends rather jagged.


Janele takes her job very, very seriously. She wants all mages to be in the Circle, and takes it upon herself to track down any apostates that may be walking free. She does not, however, believe in killing mages or using the rite of tranquility unless there is significant evidence that the mage has been practicing blood magic.

She does not know how to stop being a templar. Fun is a foreign concept to her, and translates only as ‘not doing your job.’ You won’t see her stopping to get a drink, as she believes that alcohol is too much of a detriment to her work. What if a mage entered the bar and the templar was too drunk to notice? She also does not flirt, joke, or have meaningless crushes on people. That would all undermine her important work as a templar.

On the other hand, Janele is very intelligent and incredibly observant. She’s also rather pretty- but doesn’t care about things like that and has never noticed. When on duty, she never slacks off and will take in each passerby’s mannerisms, clothing, etc, to determine if they are a threat to Kirkwall and a mage, or not.


Janele was born and raised in the Kirkwall Chantry. She was given as a baby to the Chantry, and has been training to become a templar ever since she could remember. Most likely, she is the child of a mage. She has been educated and trained by the Chantry, and took her templar vows two years ago at the age of 20. She hopes to be promoted to Knight-Lieutenant by the age of 25.