Humans are said to have originated in the forests of Par Vollen. They are the most dominant, yet most diverse and conflicted species on the continent of Thedas. Only four times have they ever united to a single cause, and it has been many centuries since the last. As the population of elves and dwarves continue to dwindle, humanity is multiplying and spreading quickly.


Human concept art from Dragon Age 2

Humans in the past worshipped a draconic pantheon of Old Gods. These were dragon lords that supposedly once ruled over Thedas, and are said to have been banished by the Maker to slumber under the Earth. In ancient times, the Tevinter Imperium and its Magister Lords dominated all of Thedas. The Imperium was challenged from the south by a barbarian uprising, led by Maferath and his wife, the prophetess Andraste. She brought the teachings of the Maker, and her word spread like wildfire. The oppressed masses of the Imperium rose up in rebellion to support the rebellion, and eventually most of the south fell to their might. Andraste was not stopped in this Exalted March until she was betrayed by her jealous husband, who turned her over to the Imperial Archon and she was burned at the stake. The Imperial Chantry says that in the Prophetess’ final moments, the Maker spoke to Archon Hessarian, filling him with guilt and compassion so he drove his sword through her heart, putting an end to her suffering, and then converted to the Chant of Light.

The Chant says that when Andraste died, the Maker turned His back on humanity. He would only return once the Chant of Light was sung from the four corners of the world. And so the Chantry began to spread. It was oppressed until Kordillius Drakon, Emperor of Orlais, converted and took up their cause, spreading the Chantry through all lands that he conquered in its name. The Chantry is one whose theology revolves around the central place of humanity in the universe and in the eyes of its divine Maker. There are some humans, though, who do not follow the Chantry, such as the Rivaini who either follow the Natural Order or the Qun. And the Chantry is split in a schism, mainly concerning interpretation of the Chant of Light and the roles of magic: the Imperial Chantry of Tevinter, and the main Chantry.