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Ferelden heraldry.

Ferelden is a relatively temperate nation in the far southeast of Thedas. It is populated by a militaristic people descended from barbarians, who have only begun to civilisate in the last few centures. The Fereldens are still considered primitive by other nations. They are a proud and indepednent people who resent being called primitive and backwater. They are well on their way to becoming a power on the continent. The capital of Ferelden is Denerim, the seat of the king. Presently, King Alistair and Queen Anora jointly rule. The Landsmeet is a council of the entire Fereldan nobility -- the king, the two teyrns, the arls, and the banns. It has been held for three-thousand years.

Originally, the valley was then divided up into dozens of old Alamarri clans. They were constantly at war with each other, and were united by King Calenhad in the thirty-third year of the Exalted Age. After mysteriously gaining the support of the Circle of Magi, Calenhad marched on and defeated Redcliffe, forcing a Landsmeet where the nobles unanimously submitted to him as king. This marked the birth of Ferelden, and began the Theirin line from which the Ferelden kings have descended.

Ferelden borders the Orlesian Empire to the west. It was occupied by Orlais for over a century before King Maric and Teyrn Loghain liberated it. The Orlesians and the Fereldens still have a tense relationship. The Frostback Mountain Range -- where the city of Orzammar lies, deep beneath the ground -- prevent hostilities from being more frequent. The Ferelden desire for freedom has engendered a laissez-faire cultural attitude towards law enforcement and behaviour in general. While the worst offences are quickly put down, many others are ignored, and citizens are often left to make their own justice. Commerce is largely unregulated as long as taxes are paid; businesses such as brothels and gambling halls are not only tolerated, but expected.

Dogs are a very important part of Ferelden culture and life. They are seen everywhere in Ferelden, even in the art and heraldry. No dog is more prized than the mabari. They were magically bred by the Formari. Each mabari chooses its master for life in a process called imprinting. Mabaris are fierce combatants and highly sociable, and are said to be as intelligent as your average tax collector, though unable to talk except in barks, growls, and whines. To help differentiate their dogs in battle, kaddis is used by mabari handlers.

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