Brother Derin
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 39
Birth Date 8:92 Blessed
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Undecided/Chaste
Hometown Hossberg, Anderfels
Residence Nothing permanent
Affiliation Chantry
Occupation Scholar/adventurer
Class None
Specialization None
Gear None
Behind the Mask
Player BroD
Face Claim None
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Somewhat disheveled with greying hair. The bartender isn't sure if those are Chantry robes or rags, too bad there isn't a mirror in this place.


The contents of his latest writings bordered on heresy, likely the fault of Orlesian corruption or those Arcanum scribblings. He still had an honorable standing, but the man walked on thin ice. Yes, it was best he be sent away for now, keep his head down, let everyone forget what his did. Tasked with collecting information about the Fifth Blight, or risk Absolution by staying, Brother Derin left home for Fereldan. Of course, there was this spot of trouble with some raiders. And also the time he mistook a Qunari for an Ogre; that was rather embarrassing. Then there was that whole detour away from the Frostback mountains; dragons, you know? Out of coin and stranded in the Free Marches, the brother spends his days bar hopping and listening to refugee tales.

Excerpts from The Life of a Brother: A Timetraveler's Tale:

"I was a sort of tithe, a gift to the Chantry as an offering of my parent’s faith. Later, when it became apparent that I was unsuited to wield the Sword of Mercy, I was accepted as a Brother.

"Recordkeeping at first, mostly. Births, deaths, marriages, mages. Started writing. Was assigned to the Orlesian Circle for awhile, in hopes that their library would aid my research. Ended up in Val Royeaux to learn from and teach in its University, but got my fill of Orlais rather quickly. Accompanied our Templars on a mission through Anderfels after that, stopped in Weisshaupt, visited more libraries, began to write more. Eventually, I returned to Hossberg to take advantage of our texts from the days of the Ancient Imperium, and managed to annoy the wrong people. Currently, I am tasked with finding anything overlooked about this last Blight. My other duties were to tutor initiates and templar recruits, hear confessions, pray with people, meditate on Andraste's teachings, tend to those seeking sanctuary, chant, offer help where needed- which led to eventually teaching the recruits to do their own mending and laundry and other such things. Ultimately, my role is to do what is bid of me.

Eh, my apologies for that. I do not believe you wished for a list of everything I ever did..."