Long Way Home Part 1Edit

18 Solace Garrett delivers the amulet, as promised, to Keeper Marethari. He ends up, however, having to get Merrill, and deliver the amulet to the mountaintop so she can perform the ritual. A rockslide is blocking the main way to the altar at the mountaintop, and so they must detour through a cave. And this cave is where things divulge from the game's plot. A hidden chamber is opened while the group is fighting giant spiders in the cave, a place where Hawke finds a phylactery -- similar to that one found in Dragon Age Origins -- and learns how to fight as an Arcane Warrior.

After this, we go to the top of the mountain, and perform the ritual, and get to meet Flemeth/Asha'bellanar/that old hag who talks too much (for the first or second time). Then we head back down the mountain, and a group of us -- Sebastian remains with the others -- sets off to deal with some of the Flint Company Mercenaries.

We'll camp for the night at Sundermount, because it's going to be a full day, and there's a lot in store for the group afterwards.

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Blackpowder Promise Part 1Edit

18 - 20 Solace

On the way back to Kirkwall -- passing through the Deadman's Pass -- the group runs into Javaris Tintop, a dwarven merchant seeking Qunari explosive powder. He says that the Arishok has refused him the powder, and his meeting with the Tal'Vashoth did not go as well. He promises profits if Hawke and his crew were to eliminate the Tal'Vashoth.

This thread involves Hawke's crew meeting Javaris Tintop, and agreeing to eliminate the Tal'Vashoth bandits plaguing the Wounded Coast. Thus the group ventures there. This is going to be a combat-heavy thread, with some discoveries along the way. Plenty of chances to loot gear and what-not. We enter the Tal'Vashoth cavern, we kill them, and find the Ashkaari's pen.

We encounter Saemus Dumar and Ginnis as well, and a deceased Ashaad. We will fight her mercenary company, and Saemus will join us. We camp for the night, and then on 20 Solace we trek back.

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18 - 20 Solace

Being planned.

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Blackpowder Promise Part 2Edit

20 Solace This is where Hawke meets with the Arishok. Cast is very limited, as the Arishok would not appreciate an 'army' entering his compound.