The Monk
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 18
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Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Unknown
Residence Chantry, Kirkwall
Affiliation Andrastean Chantry
Occupation Warrior Monk, Protector of the Chantry
Class Rogue
Specialization N/A
Gear Reinforced Gauntlets on both fist. Monk robes, Leather boots, Metal plate cover on the boots from the knee to the toe. Uses many different Martial Arts tied into Kung Fu, Wushu and most Eastern fighting Styles.
Behind the Mask
Player Shade
Face Claim N/A
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Chant has Spiky Blonde hair with a Tattoo on the right side of his face and Sky blue eyes. He stands at 5'11 and has a Athletic build to him. Under his robes he has a multitude of scars from years of training against weapons. He is Tanned which makes his eyes brighter and has been called handsome many times with sharp boned features.


Chant was found on the Chantry doorstep in Kirkwall on a Winter night during a Storm, No note was with the child not even a name. He was found by Sister Tina a devout follower but not too bright. She was interrupted during her Chant to the Maker and seeing it as a sign she named the boy Chant. (Obviously no creativity on this woman's part). From there she raised Chant as her own son. As he grew Chant became angry and violent picking fights with other kids and hurting them if they lost. He was punsihed severely each and every time but nothing seemed to be able to turn the child from his dark path.

A Year after the acting up began a devoted Monk arrived at the Chantry to pray to the Maker and seek shelter there was where he met Chant who was doing candle duty as a Punishment for another fight. The Monk spoke to the Mother about the boy and she confessed her fears that Chant would grow up to be a evil and wicked human being. The Monk who's real name was Marcus but went solely by Monk studied the child's behaviors in secret until he could better understand the child.

Finally after four months of study he met Chant and had a talk with him and learned the boy fought because he didn't know who he was and wanted others to share the same pain. The monk told him that was not the way or the will of the Maker and deciding the boy needed a outlet he revealed a secret to Chant. The Monk told him he was a Warrior monk of the Chantry who traveled the lands protecting the people of the chantry from non-mage threats. Seeing the hope in the boy's eyes Monk took him as a student and trained him in unarmed combat. Years flew by and training never ceased not for a single day be it rain, wind, snow, ice, or scorching heat. Training never stopped.

Chant learned he had a gift with this way and focused all his being into it and he quickly learned and grew stronger, faster, more agile and by fifteen he could go toe to toe with his master. Finally at seventeen Chant's training was complete and he was given the Rank Warrior Monk a Master of unarmed combat. By this time focus, skill, and precision Chant could punish the bodies of people through even the toughest of armor and had learned hundreds of ways to face people with weapons.