• Kawashima

    I don't even know if I have time to join another RPG, but I have done it anyway. Yay me.

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  • Phoenixandashes

    Catriona-centric character short. Rated T for death and some violence.

    The mercenaries had camped in the castle courtyard. Not only could she hear them, she could smell them, a fog of sweat, blood and ale rising in the air. They were piling bodies near the castle gates, presumably preparing to burn them in the morning. Fighting back her worry (who was on guard detail? Elliot? Namaya? Richie?) she boosted herself up to one of the carved ledges and climbed up to the battlements.

    There were no mercenaries up here, only numerous of dead wearing Starkhaven colours. The door that led to the keep stairs was ajar and she slipped inside, silently scaling the stairs. The corridors were also surprisingly empty: clearly the killing and the looting was o…

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