Bethany Hawke
"Other people always took risks to keep me free."
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 19
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Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Ferelden
Residence N/A
Affiliation Hawke Family
Occupation Sister, Daughter, Apostate
Class Mage
Specialization None
Gear Birchwood (now in the possession of Leandra)
Behind the Mask
Player Bethany
Face Claim N/A
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Bethany Hawke was born the youngest in a set of three children. Being the youngest and the only girl seemed to permit her mother to coddle her; She was constantly clean and watched with a careful eye. At around the age of five, Bethany, like her eldest brother before her, began to show signs of magic. Immediately her tutoring began, under her father's wing. She followed her brother's example, even pushed herself to meet his skill, not in the fashion of a rival, but a close companion. Bethany knew her brother would always be the stronger of the pair, and held the utmost respect for him in their camaraderie.

At the start of the Blight, Bethany was anxious, to put it lightly. She didn't like the idea of sending Carver off to fight in the King's Army. It had taken him six days to return from the massacre, and they had barely had enough time to escape their burning town. She can recall fighting, and meeting a red-headed woman and a templar, but soon afterwards, her memory fails her.

She remembers pain, the sound of bones cracking.

The taste of blood bubbling from her throat into her mouth.

The sound of someone crying...

Her next memory is that of her waking in a Chasind hut, surrounded by candles, herbs, and curious faces. She couldn't understand a word from them, but their gestures and kind eyes lessened her initial alarm. Her chest was wrapped tight, as well as her forearms. Her breathing was strenuous, but still there.

And then recovery began.

It took several months, but soon enough she was able to leave behind the peoples of the Wilds. She dared not journey to Lothering, and instead headed for Gwaren with what little coin she possessed. The trek took weeks, but she was able to find the coastal town. There she discovered that the entirety of a year had passed -- how long had she been unconscious for? -- and also found a ship, about to head out for Kirkwall. She offered all she could and booked the passage, content to nestle in the dark hold for the two-week journey. It simply had to be made. Her gut drove her, told her that somewhere, her family was laying in wait.

And she hated keeping people waiting.