Status Alive
Race Human
Age 19
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Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Hometown Starkhaven, Free Marches
Residence Darktown
Affiliation Apostates
Occupation Librarian, Apothecary, Apostate
Class Mage
Specialization Force Mage
Gear Staff, light armoured robes, various tomes
Behind the Mask
Player Aviv
Face Claim None
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Avalon is a decent sized man, slightly muscular and standing at six foot three inches. The mage has pale colored skin that is spotted with freckles along with scarlet hair that is streaked with gold and a green right eye and brown left eye. Avalon's attire is like any other librarian working in Hightown, he wears midnight colored robes with a red under shirt and white cotton pants. His uniform possesses bits of armor that have the Kirkwall's sigil: rising phoenix. He wears fingerless black gloves and sturdy boots, due to the massive amount of walking that he has to do for the various templars.

The librarian wears similar robes while working as an apothecary, though they are green and violet in color. While brewing the potions and poisons, he wears special protective gloves that are resistant to some of the acidic properties of his concoctions.

While working with Anders, however, the mage takes on a very different appearance. He wears a grey mask and hides his hair under a cloth coif. He wears armored gloves and robes that are etched with runes that bolster the mage's power and resistances.


Avalon was born within Starkhaven's borders, under the reign of the previous king. He grew up as happy as any child could. His parents hid him from others and when he began showing the tell tale signs of magic, his parents taught him in secret to hide his gift and use it wisely. They also taught him how to make potions and poisons from herbs and other ingredients, which would prove useful later.

By the time he was fifteen, the mage had lost his family to disease. He left his childhood home, and head for Kirkwall. There, he discovered the harsh treatment of mage's and there decided he would do whatever was possible to aide them. His first step to help his fellow magi: insert himself into Hightown, as to observe some of the templar's movements.

He became one of the librarians, and in that position, he constantly was taking books to the Gallows for use by mages and templars alike. During his book runs, he hears templars and others speak of plans for the mages. One time hearing about a search for "Ferelden's healer", Ava decided to find the healer and warn him himself. The mage eventually found the man, Anders, and warned him. They shared their similar philosophies and decided to work together to aide mages in escape cruel and unnecessary fates.

Eventually, the young man decided to put his childhood skills to use and took a side job as an apothecary to many in Kirkwall's Low Town division.