Antiva has a warm, north-eastern climate. Its capital is the glittering Antiva City. It is known best for its merchants and sailors -- as well as its wines, its main exportable recource. Antivans are notoriously untrustworthy, but they make excellent merchants. Though its dynasty of rulers has remained unbroken for two-and-a-half thousand years, it is not they who hold the power, but a body of argumentative merchant-princes. These are not royalty, but heads of banks, trading companies, and vineyards. In Antiva, money controls power, and the nation is mostly neutral in international affairs. Its leaders prefer peace over war, and are not afraid to use large amounts of money to affirm that fact if necessary. It was once ruled by Tevinter, and was only freed when the Qunari occupied its former masters' attention. Due to this, Antivans greatly resent Tevinters. It lacks a strong military tradition, yet it is still feared. The Antivan Crows are the deadliest assassins in Thedas, and this is the main reason no-one wants to attack Antiva. Women have strictly defined rules here. They are considered pure and delicate, and thus are not allowed to participate in combat, among other things.

Characters from Antiva